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Hot Dragon Girls 6

Length: 120 pages1 hour


Their time on Earth growing short, the three exotic exchange students from the world of dragons struggle in the aftermath of the cruel endgame played by their xenophobic parents. Affectionate Surun, her reserved sister Karun, and their fun-loving friend Aura confront graduation, marriage, jail, and possible deportation all in a short time.

Caught in the middle is Jericho, Surun's human fiancé. What started as a fun tryst with a trio of horny dragon girls twice his size may now end in devastating heartache without his otherworldly betrothed. Can love win out in the end?

The steamy, naughty, and very passionate conclusion to the Hot Dragon Girls Series!

Contains many sexy shenanigans and explicit romantic naughtiness. ADULT READERS ONLY.

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