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Senior Year Romance

Length: 99 pages1 hour


Going into his final year at Queens Urban High School, Sebastian doesn’t exactly have a lot going for him. His boy-band good looks aren’t any help in the classroom, he isn’t a spectacular athlete, and he doesn’t exactly light up the social scene.

He dreads the beginning of senior year and feels that his life is entirely devoid of direction. One night, that all changes. His mother, with whom he lives in a modest apartment, has fallen to sleep in front of the TV. He goes to turn it off, then sees that she’s watching her favorite rom-com. He’s seen it a hundred times before too, but this time it’s different. As the lovers kiss and finally get together in the climactic scene, he has an epiphany. He has found his aim for senior year: he will fall in love.

Sebastian soon begins to realize that he didn’t quite comprehend what he was getting himself into, as not one, not two, but three separate girls start to fall for him. Amelia, Echo, and Raven are all completely different people, but they have one thread in common: their feelings for Sebastian.

Follow Sebastian’s journey as he tries to figure out who he wants to be with, while at the same time seeking to get accepted into a good college to make his mother proud. An early pep rally; a particularly romantic Sadie Hawkins Dance; an explosive Senior Prom; and, finally, a dramatic graduation ceremony. It’s truly going to be a senior year to remember for Sebastian.

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