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With Or Without God You Choose

Length: 130 pages2 hours


This book is the true life story and testament of the author, Luvuyo Clearance Ngece. It follows his very personal life journey, detailing his experiences – both the physical and the spiritual. Through his mistakes made and wrong choices without God, the book clearly shows how the wrong decisions we make today can affect our tomorrow. The author shares his suffering and shame of addiction and through his story one can see how far an addiction can go to rule one’s life. The author’s life turns around when he begins to make decisions and choices with God, and his story thus gives clarity for those who have doubts about the existence of the almighty God.
The reason for writing this book is to alert people to the dangers of living their lives without God and to give them an idea of how their lives can change for the better if they choose to live their lives with God.

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