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Always Remember to Breathe

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Losing a child is one of the most heart-wrenching experiences any mother can go through. Always Remember to Breathe is a poignant true story about love, loss, and healing. Written for families who are living in conflict, these pages will carry you through the tempestuous tug-of-war between a mother’s love and her daughter’s attempt to respond to it in the face of bipolar disorder that led to addiction. This is a wake-up call about the devastating impact that a household of bickering and two generations of divorce can have on a tender soul who is desperate to fill the void. Before Rachel’s untimely death, she relentlessly poured her hopes, perceptions, musings, and torments into journals. Some of her entries are included here so we can see through her eyes. These pages contain the reality of God’s sustaining grace in even the most entangled web of upheaval.

Always Remember to Breathe is an inspiring walk of faith and trust about how God can touch your life in the most difficult of times. Sharon Louth went through one of the most agonizing events a mother can experience—the loss of her daughter. She is someone who was willing to walk with God in hard places, even through places she did not understand. In reading this book you may find healing and hope in your life circumstances, just “always remember to breathe.”
Pastor Rick Betts
Crossroad Community Church

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