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Recollection: AEGIS Character Novelette Seies, #1

Length: 50 pages39 minutes


Suppressed memories have the power to forever alter the course of one's life.

After a disappointing game on the playing fields of the Greenwood Orphanage, Graham settles down in the library with a book which sparks a memory of parents long forgotten and the supernatural events that may have separated them. 

Join Graham as a young boy as he experiences his first encounter with the power he has yet to discover and the nightmare that starts it all.

Interview with the Author

Q - What’s up with the Character Novelettes?

Recollection is the first of many character short stories that give rich insight into the past lives of the Aegis characters, the lives that have shaped them into who they are today. Recollection specifically is a story which gives context for an event spoken of in Catalyst Grove, giving the reader all the details of what happened when Graham was younger.

All other Character novelettes have their own storyline, plot, set of characters and unique vantage point for that particular character.

All these stories were designed to get to know all the main AEGIS characters better and get a glimpse of the crazy events which forged them into the man or woman they are now.

Q - What books are in the series?

Here is what is out so far:


- AEGIS: Catalyst Grove

- AEGIS: The Rift (coming spring 2017)

+3 more


- Recollection: Graham Dawson

- Mission Alpha: Eric Branson (coming January 2017)

+18 more

Q - So, why should readers give these books a try?

Well, if you like awesomeness, then you will likely enjoy the series. Ok, I'm kidding (but really). Instead of giving you a long and drawn out description of the series, why don't I just outline some of the main features of the book and see if they resonate.

Readers will likely enjoy the book if they enjoy:

- Adventurous storylines

- Epic battles

- Clean reading

- Strong & relatable characters

- An urge to wage war against the forces of darkness

- Deep & meaningful moral undertones

- Mystery

- Special Powers 

- Plot twists

Last but not least, below are the categories you will find the series under:

Aegis Series eBook Categories:

- Children's Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Books

- Children's Superhero Action & Adventure

- Children's Survival Stories eBooks

- Children's Coming of Age Fantasy eBooks


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