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Street Fam

Length: 174 pages2 hours


In this riveting first novel, Jason Williams grabs his readers and pulls them on an exciting, fast-paced, gripping ride through the complex, complicated, sexy, violent life in his Street Fam.  

The narrator’s best friend, his Street Brother Low, is dead. Closer than DNA or blood and bones could have made them, Low is the main member of his Street Fam. The narrator is determined to find out and find out fast who did it.   Fully focused on delivering justice in the form of revenge for his murdered brother’s life, he knows the answer is right there in front of him among the many mourners in the mortuary who came to pay their last respects to a real soldier. 

Street wise and savvy, he and Low both knew that a life in the streets doesn’t last long, but it was his responsibility to have his brother’s back and protect him in the game.  He slipped. Now he has vowed on his own life to find and murder the man who took his brother’s life.  That’s what Street Fam is about.

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