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The Highest of Stakes

Length: 36 pages30 minutes


With the jackpot of a lifetime on the line, there's no one Daniel Sinclair would trust with it more than Steve, the one who got away.

Steve Langley is a professional gambler from a long line of gamblers, a man only on the edge of the right side of the law. But while society's rules meant little to him, the Langley family's did: never fall in love with a Sinclair. But Steve's never been able to forget clever, beautiful Daniel Sinclair, and when he swaggers back into the game, Steve knows he's lost.

Daniel considers himself a smart man, brilliant even, and he's made a discovery that will make the laws of probability sit up and beg. But Daniel's never been able to outsmart his heart, and when he needs a partner to make his dreams come true, he knows exactly who he needs.

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