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Beautiful Sms About Love

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Sometimes I seriously think of what would be with my life, don't meet I you? Most likely, it would be usual, ordinary, boring and same and would probably pass according to some schedule. All day long, for example, work, then visit of the gym and short meetings with friends during the week-end. So it also was, be not near you. You are light, warmly, all bright paints which transform my life. You give me the chance to feel, receive emotions and to live! As it is banal sounded, you also are life. In you so much good, there is so much fine and improbable. I madly love you. I love each your advantage and each shortcoming, I love your laughter and a voice, I love how you funny sometimes become angry about me. With you to me the new, earlier not conducted sides — all that palette of feelings which made my world special opened.

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