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Jane Austen's Emma for Teens

503 pages


Jane Austen's Emma for Teens is a simplified retelling of an original classic. Every effort has been made to preserve the beauty and intent of the original story, while also making it more accessible to modern readers.

Emma Woodhouse is the influential daughter of a wealthy and indulgent father. She takes a liking to Harriet, a student at a nearby girl's school whose life and prospects are very different from Emma's. In her efforts to mold Harriet into the woman she thinks she ought to be, Emma discovers that she herself has much to learn about life and love.

This delightful and timeless story about the early 19th-century English village of Highbury takes the reader on a journey through plot twists and romantic intrigues as an eyewitness to the follies and endearing qualities of a main character Jane Austen believed no one but herself would like.

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