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Prayer II: Praying At A Altar

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This book follows on from the basic book in prayer for the prayer warrior of the Lord Yeshua, "Prayer". It is intended for perspective on altars and setting them up. They are a historical part of the faith, biblical in use, and part of a connection with God.It makes sense that a God created, with His angels albeit, with help no but only the instruments He chose to. Its the single most assumptive not single assumption possible without countless dark assumption, and really is by definition a single non-assumption. The altar is where we meet His Eyes and He us. It is true He is Triune, as we body, spirit and sou, if properly made, and He can remake if not. See the line to the two lines of a roof corner, a hearth, a sunset, ask God where the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are in these, and to crush all false god before you. This a altar; to see this and know His Eyes are on you. Thus a book about altars is imperative for prayer.

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