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A Dog to Give Away

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Bestselling author and pet doctor extraordinaire, Dr. Dave Perrin has entertained thousands with stories of his adventures as a country veterinarian.

Dr. Dave returns once again with his (mostly true) story of Lug, the stray German Shepherd who was to become his trusted and loyal companion. Fans of the Don’t Turn Your Back in the Barn series will know Lug as a character, but no one has heard Lug’s full story — until now.

Before meeting Dr. Dave, Lug lives happily with loving owners until one fateful day when an out-of-control deer chase results in Lug being lost in the wilds of British Columbia. Far from the domestic comforts he’s known, Lug must learn to survive in this hostile world, to take sustenance and hope wherever he can find it, to learn from his mistakes, to follow his instincts, and ultimately, to open his heart and learn to trust humans again.

Dr. Dave has become acquainted with many animals throughout the years, but not one has had as much impact on his practice, and his life, as Lug, the stray he invited to stay.

A Dog to Give Away will warm the hearts of anyone who has ever loved a dog.

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