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Where Foundlings Hide

387 pages5 hours


Secrets unravel in this science-fiction fantasy about a girl troubled by the death of her twin sister. Haunted by dreams and memories, seventeen-year-old Casey George struggles to reconnect with her former self, and when strange things start happening at school, Casey is convinced she's going crazy.
Things go from bad to worse when Casey is implicated in the strange goings-on, and her future at the Malvern Academy hangs in the balance.

After an attack by a malevolent creature, handsome newcomer, Caleb, takes Casey to Displacia - a rogue planet where the inhabitants possess unusual and powerful gifts. In this new world, Casey learns that her life is not what it seems and that her sister's death may not have been the tragic accident it was thought to be.

Surrounded by mystery and intrigue, can Casey overcome her personal barriers to save both Earth and Displacia from the sinister force known as the Shadows?

Please note: this book is the first part of a trilogy, the second instalment will be available Winter 2017.

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