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Soul searching—that’s what Audrey Wyler calls her ability to communicate with the dead.

Now, a new lost soul in Vandevere Cemetery has reached out to Audrey for help.

Meredith Hayden was kidnapped and murdered fifty years ago, her killer long ago caught and buried in Potter’s Field.

Always intrigued about a new mystery to solve, Audrey and her husband, Jake, seek the help of ex-Chief of Police Arlo Skinner, who arrested Meredith’s killer in nineteen forty-six. Not only does Arlo shed light on the circumstances surrounding Meredith’s death, but also shares some surprises about the past that affect Audrey and Jake’s lives.

With Meredith’s killer dead, why is she so desperately asking for help?

Meredith Hayden won’t be at rest until her long buried secret is revealed.

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