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In Volume I, "Premonitions", Danny "Mouse" Ormont has girl troubles from Patti, the vixen he has yet to meet. His mystery girl appears in dreams, family photos, watery reflections, sunsets – even a jealous dog! His puppy love girlfriend, Debbie Strong, thinks he’s gone totally bonkers. Even Danny can’t believe what is happening until he foretells specifics of his parents’ upcoming business trip. Elsewhere, Patti Connor grows up fast under the shady influence of her teen half-sister, Lynn. Convinced she caused her parents’ divorce, Patti revolts against her troubled life. Together with Reb, boyfriend du jour, they join Lynn’s pack of hooligans. Miles away, Danny endures the brunt of Patti’s antics through a synergy with Patti’s presence. ...Could Danny actually be Patti’s pet?

The new kid in 6th grade, it’s a battle of wits when Danny clashes with bully, Mark Parks. And, once Patti joins the class, imagine the impossibilities! Smitten, Danny must win his dream girl’s heart – despite Mark’s advances. Patti preys on Mark’s jealousy, manipulating her class pets into executing her hidden agenda. High jinks rules the school, but trouble unfolds in the neighborhood. Is Patti involved?

"Mouse" must reveal his burning secret to Patti, or die trying. Can he prove they share a past, if not a future? Only Patti holds the key to his puzzle. In class, a team-building game intensifies Danny’s psychic abilities: reading Patti’s thoughts, anticipating her every move, and... Look! Her necklace! The triple spiral – that mysterious coin the pair cast into good luck charms on the beach years ago! Can Danny keep Patti honest by invoking their time-honored Gemini Promise? Surely, this’ll prove he’s her Boy from Tomorrow!

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