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Prevail Prayer Pamphlets: Prayers that Nullify Negative Genetic Traits from Your Life

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A parent or ancestor can sometimes pass negative traits into the lives of their descendants. These traits may include a particular kind of disease or disorder, negative thought patterns, negative character or behavioral traits, addictions, mental disorders, phobias, criminal tendencies and so on. Examine yourself to determine whether or not you have inherited something negative from your progenitors. If you suspect you have or know it for certain, why pay a debt that you did not incur? Why let genetic mishaps choke out your potentials in life? Aren’t you tired of the consequences of negative genetic traits on your body, health, IQ and academics, social life, professional life, relationships, marriage, family, etc.?

If you want to nullify the manifestation of negative genetic traits in your life so that you can be free to live your life to the maximum, this book “Prayers that Nullify Negative Genetic Traits” is a comprehensive and practical prayer manual that can help you.

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