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Ghosts in the App; Book 5: Ghosts in the App, #5

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The thriller continues with Otto and his team hot on the trail of the “ghost” in the app. Otto and his team now understands that the “ghost” that roams inside the game app has a Master, a living person. It was still unclear to Otto as to the true role of the Master other than providing the “ghost” its place to reside in the Master’s mobile device. There were pieces of the puzzle that were still missing but Otto and his team had not given up the chase just yet. With every piece they were getting closer and closer to proving the existence of the “ghost” in the app and its link to the deaths of players of the game app. However, the “ghost” was far more elusive than Otto had expected. Otto accepted that the “ghost” was a tricky and intelligent adversary and catching it was almost impossible. But there was still hope. He had another route that he could take and it was to catch the Master. His focus was now on finding the Master of the “ghost” in the app.

BIG App had made the announcement on the Spooks! competition registration dates and released some of the general rules of the competition. As communicated to him by Frank, the “ghost” in the app collected souls and kept them in the app. If this was true and guided by his intuition, Otto expected the “ghost” and its Master to be in the Spooks! competition. The week before the competition, the “ghost” had been quiet with no new reports of deaths of Spooks! players. This lends more support to his theory that the “ghost” was indeed planning something or perhaps preparing its Master for the competition.

After having interviewed relevant BIG App employees on the format and details of the competition, Otto found out new clues that supports his theory. There was indeed something about the competition that the “ghost” would want. However, Otto knew that the puzzle was still missing big pieces. The biggest of all was that he had yet to discover the “ghost’s” true motives – its master plan. Whatever it was the “ghost” was planning, it would surely be something big and everyone would find out sooner or later.

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