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King Drake, a Story of Magic

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Prince Drake was looking out from his castle. He should be happy, as he now was crowned, and his new title is King Drake. He was thinking of his father, King Bruce that had recently died. As he was looking out, he could see two knights in full armor riding from the south. looking at his advisor Rune, he asked if he recognized the war dress the two was wearing. Yes my Lord, said Rune, they are from Aster, King Alex country. What would they want, wearing full armor? As the two knights arrived, they gave King Drake a scroll, then they turned around and started to ride home. Reading the scroll while sitting on his throne, he lat his Queen Sol read it as well. What is this? he asked. The Queen laughed at him, and said. He want you to take care of the thieves and robbers south of the border. King Drake told two of his knights, to ride down to the border, and take one of the robbers as prisoner. Down south, in King Alex country, they had the same idea, and two of their knights went to the border to get at least one of the robbers. It worked well, and the four knight took four robbers, divided them, and took two each to their Kings. The wives of the prisoners were all extremely beautiful witches. They with their magic, got their husbands back again. Then all six witches, together with their husbands moved to King Drakes country Norm.Ling Alex got upset, and as his advisor Roald told him that magic had been used, Alex said he had some sorcerer in his country as well. King Alex together with Roald went to see sorcerer Hexuba, when they arrived he had a visitor, a dragon called Draco. They both told King Alex to forget about vengeance, and live like the other three Kings. The Dragon Draco, went in to King Alex head, and magically made him into a nice King, that loved everyone.

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