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Collaborative Perspectives: A Selection of CFHA's Best Blogs From 2009 to 2015

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The rich diversity of voices within the community of the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association is reflected in the creativity and passions of the CFHA blogs. We have carefully selected a collection of these blog posts that cover a very wide range of topics including clinical practice, research, policy, personal reflection, cultural and family issues, operational and financial issues, workforce and professional development, and the history and evolution of CFHA itself. The “CFHA Blog” was started on August 31st, 2009. Since then, CFHA has published over 500 posts which some have received attention in clinical and policy circles. One post by Carol Levine and Barry Jacobs was picked up by the New York Times and received over 2,000 hits. Another post by Mara Laderman was highlighted in the newsletter for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, a major convener of health care leaders and practitioners.

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