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Belvedor and the King's Curse

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Belvedor and the King’s Curse is Book 2 in Ashleigh Bello’s gripping fantasy series.

Follow Arianna Belvedor deeper into the world of Olleb-Yelfra as she struggles to find her footing away from the claws of the mountains. Keeping her friends close and using her newly-discovered link to the magical world as a guide, they finally find a semblance of freedom. Unfortunately, it’s only a taste.

In this sequel to Belvedor and the Four Corners, Arianna learns quickly that she can’t hide behind a mask of magic forever. The enchantment of the world that the King seeks so desperately to hide is beginning to seep out all around them in the most fascinating and sometimes terrifying ways.

But darkness is still in control, and the monsters lurking in the shadows wish to keep it that way. This time, there's more than just an evil king to fear.

‘Soon, they would find that freedom meant very little in the dark world of Olleb-Yelfra. Slaves of the Four Corners were never really free, and this world was built on that promise.’

Dive back into Arianna’s charmed world with a sequel that doesn’t disappoint! Ashleigh Bello delivers a story you won’t want to put down as her fantasy world bursts open with untold magical surprises, tantalizing twists, and characters you’ll be rooting for until the end.

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