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Social prisoners: To break free from the trap of network, there is only one weapon: knowledge

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Social networks are a phenomenon that has invested in the arrogant way the social sphere.
Born with the aim to aggregate people, apparently nti and friends, near and far, are the diventat today a new way of comun icare and relate, condizion went the mind the old and new generations that there ngono projected in a digital universe further and further away from reality. Human relations and social relations undergo a radical change almost.
The consequences of change affect behavior and the quot Idian ity, with no way out, so strong was the 'impact they have had in the social.
Technological progress and its continuous development has made nno so powerful and fast digital data transmis it to invade the sphere of verbal communication and real relationships, to turn them into virtual communication, where appearance and aesthetics outweigh emotions and sensations.
It is discordant opinions between those who defines the social phenomenon useful in many respects and who he sees an obstacle and a problem for growth and cognitive development, especially of young people.
The idea of writing a little book about the universe of social and particularly on Facebook phenomenon arises from our direct experience, by participation in discussions on topics of s or es are placed, by ll'analisi of friends reactions involved, from critical considerations of recurring elements (post quotes, selfies, photos of her own life or dramatic contemporary events, rein of their impulses, opportunities for controversy mostly on events and football or political figures, improvised and emotional comments on the record data, banality phobias personal obsessions, the language in which we express ourselves).
Motivation of our research provide users of the Web and especially Facebook users a self-analysis tool, useful and fun at the same time to dwell on some data for speed which characterizes the use of social escape and leave no trace. In short, become aware of opportunities for communication and relationships that are offered to us by new m edia, but also the risks that may result in excessive use and uncritical of them.
The choice to serve the printed and non-digital writing was due to the fact that the book has a slower reading that allows a reflection of what is proposed.
But we were also aware that no one could go to a public accustomed to communicate with e mail messages through carefully structured essays and papers, written in a specialized language, with ample arguments and articulate. We had to find a method that would fit the new social public.Hence the choice of treating the Face book phenomenon in a sort of dictionary consists of fifty items, carried out in an essential way, without nutili digressions, but also without falling into banality and superficiality.

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