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KIM Jee-woon

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KIM Jee-woon is both a talented genre filmmaker and one of the few cineastes in today's Korean film possessing both skillful storytelling abilities and an original visual style. KIM began his career as a stage actor, stage director, and screenwriter. His films have been hailed by critics and audiences alike for his unique styles and method of storytelling. With KIM, there is a slightly uneasy coexistence of the virtues of a commercial film director and solitary auteurism; a sense of conscience that demands that he make even entertainment films melancholy; aesthetic judgment that is stinting toward genre film coupled with a director's dissatisfaction with that situation. His films represent a kind of theory of life presented through the conventions of genre film, and the director constantly provides a gaze of compassion toward the characters suffering within his films.

Korean Film Directors

Created by the Korean Film Council, this series offers deep insight into key directors in Korean film, figures who are not only broadening the range of art and creativity found in Korean-produced commercial films but also gaining increasingly strong footholds in international markets.

Each volume features:
- critical commentary on films
- extensive interview
- biography
- complete filmography

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