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KISS YOUR...KIDS: Keep It Super Simple...57 Easy-to-Read Life Lessons

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If you are a parent, guardian or friend that is participating in the raising of a young person, have you considered what messages—what life lessons, you want to share with them?

KISS YOUR…Kids encourages you to consider the value of identifying and documenting lessons of life that you feel are critical for the important people in your life to understand.

It contains 57 life lessons in bite-sized, easy to read, thought-provoking chunks, written primarily for the author’s children and family members, but published so that other children (and adults alike) may benefit from the nuggets of wisdom herein:
• Use this book for your own benefit,
• Give it to someone in your life that you care for, or
• Simply use it as a springboard for preparing your own version of life lessons to pass along.

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