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Believing In Beth

Length: 304 pages4 hours


An inspiring true story, Believing In Beth reveals how the birth of one special little girl, Beth McGrath, turns her family’s life upside down. As a result of Congenital Rubella Syndrome (CRS), Beth continually struggles to escape into a world of her own. For the love of her daughter, Beth’s mother Edie, is determined to make Beth live in her family’s world. She resigns her job and dedicates 20 years to challenges unique to Beth, because she was “born to be different.” When Beth is two years old, her sister Marci arrives, and over time begins to imitate Beth, exhibiting self-stimulatory behavior, acting deaf, not talking, and avoiding eye contact. Marci unknowingly demands the same attention as Beth. These behaviors begin to overshadow normalcy, distressing both parents, Edie and Earl.

This heartrending story full of inspiration and speckled with humour, portrays the growing courage, strength and faith of her parents, and over time her sister Marci, as they confront their challenges one by one. The family’s belief in Beth allows them to rise above all and rejoice in the knowledge that they have truly been blessed by her presence. The struggles were many — the rewards even greater.

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