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Call Me Killer

Length: 100 pages2 hours


Homicide Detective Barney Manton had a simple theory about catching murderers. Just beat, torture, and hound your suspect until his life becomes completely unbearable. Stay on top of him every hour of every day until he yearns for releaseeven release via the death chamber. Presto! You have your confession, the law has its “murderer” and the case is closed...

He was just a little guy called Sam Gowan. He was holding an empty automatic in his hand. At his feet lay the body of a man who had been shot through the head. Sam Gowan’s clothes were covered with the man’s bloodSam Gowan’s senses reeled with panicone thought came throughEscape! Cover your tracks and escape!

...Sam Gowan had never heard of Homicide Detective Barney MantonManton never knew that a little guy called Sam Gowan existed. Capricious fate decreed that the two men meet in a deadly, unequal contest, a cat and mouse struggle with all the resources of the police department arraigned on the side of the powerful and sadistic Homicide Detective.

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