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The Everything Spanish Verb Book: A Handy Reference For Mastering Verb Conjugation

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The Everything Spanish Verb Book is the perfect travel companion!

The Everything Spanish Verb Book is your handy pocket-sized guide to the most difficult part of the Spanish language: verb conjugation. Featuring more than 250 of the most commonly used verbs, along with their multiple conjugations, students and travelers alike will be able to recognize and use these verbs in everyday Spanish conversation. From differentiating between similar verbs to being able to quickly form sentences, this complete resource guide will have you speaking with confidence and enjoyment.

The Everything Spanish Verb Book features:
-An introduction to Spanish verbs
-More than 1,000 conjugated verbs
-Instruction on using the correct tense
-Recognizing different verb types
-An English-Spanish verb dictionary

Whether traveling the globe or preparing for a quiz, The Everything Spanish Verb Book is your one-stop reference for conversing well, and having fun, in Spanish.

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