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The Everything Test Your I.Q. Book: Discover Your True Intelligence

Length: 256 pages1 hour


Do you have a unique ability to solve patterns and riddles?

Are your friends always claiming that you are the “genius” of the group?
Have you always wondered what your IQ is?

Discovering your IQ has never been easier! The Everything Test Your IQ Book is the fun way to test and score your true intellect. Written by IQ expert Nathan Haselbauer, The Everything Test Your IQ Book features 12 tests with more than 400 questions, making this your one-stop resource for challenging every part of your brain!

Test types include:
General IQ test to get started Verbal IQ test to test your vocabulary skills Logic IQ test to really put you to the test Mathematical IQ test to quiz your knowledge of numbers Test of Exceptional Intelligence for the advanced brainiacs
Broken down by test type and difficulty level, The Everything Test Your IQ Bookis the amusing way to answer that age-old question—How smart am I, really?

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