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The Everything Body Language Book: Decipher signals, see the signs and read people's emotions—without a word!

Length: 304 pages6 hours


Shifty eyes? Your boss is lying.
Wide, open eyes? Your blind date is definitely interested.
Crossed arms? Your mother-in-law is feeling defensive.

You can read anyone's body languageif you know how and where to look. Master the art of nonverbal communication and you'll unlock the secrets of everyone you meetyourself included!

Learn how to: Identify an aggressive handshake Recognize a genuine smile Display self confidence Tell when your child is fibbing Show your date you're interested

When you can interpret body language, you're literally clued in to the world around youand everyone in it. Whether you're at work, at home, or even on a blind date, The Everything Body Language Book is your ticket to understanding peopleone wink, blink, and nod at a time!

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