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A Beautiful Faith

Length: 238 pages3 hours


Liam Felix is convicted deeply about praying for his future wife. Though he has not met her, a deep sense of urgency brings him to his knees. Over a thousand miles away, Daneen faces a life and death choice. As she stands, Daneen feels the peace that Liam's prayers have brought to her. When danger closes in, Daneen is forced to run. The only clue she has regarding her future is the kind blue eyes that God gave her in a vision. Liam also is given a vision of Daneen's beautiful brown eyes. Liam and Daneen meet as she uncovers herself before the altar of Jesus Christ. Hurt and alone, Daneen looks into the kind blue eyes of Liam Felix and knows him. Confident and strong, Liam looks into the familiar brown eyes of his future wife. As danger tries to find a way, Daneen's stand soon reaches more hearts. As other's leave the dark, a new beauty and hope begins as Liam courts Daneen. When tragedy strikes, this beautiful faith stands firm.

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