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Comments on George Weigel’s Book (2007) Faith, Reason and the War against Jihadism

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In Faith, Reason and the War against Jihadism (2007), religious journalist George Weigel discusses al Banna’s and Qutb’s Islam and how it confronts the West. The world separates into the House of Islam and the House of War.
But, what is the West?
Big Government Liberalism, the victor of the Cold War, dominates the West. BGL divides its civilization into two Houses, the House of BGL and the House of Religion.
Weigel writes for a Christian audience. Christians belong to both the House of War and the House of Religion.
The category-based nested form is used to model these two religions: Al B-Q Islam and BGL. These models are compared to a model for old-fashioned pre-Reformation Christianity. The comparison illuminates qualities in all three religions and highlights the theology beneath Weigel’s policy-oriented assessments.

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