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Onions of Eternity

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Onions of Eternity is a brief and thoughtful book that expounds a few concepts addressed in my books, Thought Log 2015.08.17.1900, Circumscription Hypothesis, and Intelligent Universe. Onions of Eternity invites readers to explore a simple visual model of how ongoing creations of universes may be organized by our Heavenly Father, and by his heavenly father, and by his heavenly grandfather, and so on. It suggests parental ties weave an infinite tapestry of cosmic interconnectivity between each creator and his fellow creators and all creations; an endless living web of interconnectivity uniting countless generations of eternal families, and the galaxies, stars, and planets designed for their use, and for our use, speaking in an eternal context. I believe God provides teaching tools in nature, things we often take for granted. Imagine how a common onion can be used to illustrate profound yet simple patterns representing infinitely many universes organized and set in motion by our Heavenly Father. This is a concept that reaches far beyond Dr. Lynn M. Hilton’s Kolob Theorem, yet is as plain to see as the reflections of a crystal chandelier in opposing mirrors.

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