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Changing Your Future BE What You Wish: Inspired by the works of Neville Goddard

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This is the fourth book in my series of works inspired by Neville Goddard. This book covers a number of areas and gives valuable techniques for you to use in order to change your future. I take you a manifestation journey explaining the cause behind events and circumstances and show you how you can finally take control of your imagination and feelings and become what you wish.
It is my desire to show you that all you require to change your life and your future is already within you. Within your imagination, your own consciousness and how you can take control of your imagination and feelings and begin the journey of conscious creation.
If you have been struggling applying the teachings of Neville successfully or have been struggling with any other teachings on the law of attraction, then this book is for you.
You will finally grasp the concepts and gain the understanding to successfully manifest your desires. If you put the information in this book to use, and apply it persistently and consistently, you will begin to change your life.
Everything you want is ready and waiting for your acceptance, all you have to do is change your consciousness and accept responsibility for your life.
Are you ready to accept the challenge?
Are you ready to change your future?

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