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A Faithful Soul

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War! On December 7, 1941, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. If the Japanese can successfully bomb Hawaii, what would keep them from bombing the west coast? The year before, war had taken her husband, Clay from her. Dena Caulter’s world continues to crumble around her. Struggling to understand, she asks God why.

Carl was in Culver City working on airplanes. He had told her about a new carrier Hughes was going to build...the largest ever. With Carl not here in Palo Alto, how could she continue her education; how could she keep her boys safe? What about the blackouts and the rationings, especially on milk and gasoline? How could they as a country manage? How could she deal with all of these regulations? Dena wondered if the Japanese really bombed Culver City. Or are the rumors true? That it was a UFO. Even though Carl scoffed, Dena still wondered. She hated to listen to the news but felt she needed to know.

And where’s Brock? She worried if her brother was safe. Oh....Dena felt small, useless...but only for a moment. She squared her shoulders and moves forward with the nation at war...Carl will always be here if I need him.

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