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The Kingdom of the Rings

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Throughout the centuries, three mysterious golden rings make their way from the Coptic Church in Egypt to Norway in the 13th century and finally to modern-day America. What powerful secrets do they hold? Who carries those rings and why? What is to become of them?

The Saga follows each of the rings through historic events in Europe and the Near East until they are carried by families from Norway and from Egypt by way of Germany in the great wave of immigration to the United States in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The story is steeped in history with actual historical settings and events spanning several centuries. This is a story of the passing and receiving of the Christian faith from immigrant ancestors and how the second coming of Christ was for them, and continues to be for us, an ever present hope throughout the centuries.

Share in the adventure with Scandinavian, German, and Near Eastern immigrant pioneers who settled the American frontier and built her cities. Their stories are a profound segment of the American saga.

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