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Visions in America

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A brief preface wanders over the topic of faith and wisdom. These are imaginative rather than eidetic visions (words and thought words.) We wander into scripture and go on to the visions in Chapter 1.
Vision 1 sees Adam in Persia opining on his fate and options. Vision 2 sees Isaiah 63 and Dan together, one on Mt Hor, one on Mt Sion (Hermon) of Galilee/Lebanon. Vision 3 explains the beasts and meaning in Revelation 13. Vision 4 explains the unclean frogs (Rev. 16.) Vision 5 warns of satanic deception in seeing prophecies fulfilling today before us. Vision 6 discusses the two great commandments of the Old and New Testaments and how the survival of America depends on them. Vision 7 warns against going on crusades in the future and today. Vision 8 scorns atheism and positivism of Ayn Rand. Vision 9 discusses the ten horns in Daniel 7. NOTE: I have some ideas for new radios, plasma containers. Religion keeps popping up into my literary horizon. This could be it: the end of this stuff. Maybe not.

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