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Everyday Spiritual Protection - Cerri Wolf

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There are times when spiritual protection techniques are helpful, and there are times when they are absolutely essential.

The techniques I have shared in this book can help you to safeguard your energy, thoughts, physical well-being, your home and possessions, your loved ones, and more.

We live in a world of energy that is constantly shifting and changing. Since we are energy-based, spiritual beings ourselves, we are understandably susceptible to the energy that surrounds us.

Where does this energy come from?

It can come from many different sources, including other people, places we visit, situations we encounter, entities and spirits, and even our own thoughts.

Maybe you can recall a few experiences when energy from another source had a negative impact on you.

You may have encountered a person who was angry, judgmental, or aggressive, and suddenly you felt as if you had been physically attacked, even if no one touched you.

Maybe you once walked into a room where an intense argument had recently taken place and you suddenly felt agitated, nervous, or stressed.

Maybe you visited a location where a lot of violence had taken place years ago and you suddenly felt as if all of the energy in your body was drained in mere seconds.

These are great examples of some of the ways that energy can negatively affect us.

Sometimes you may not even be aware that you are being influenced, but your mood, your energy, and your physical state will show clear signs that you are being negatively affected.


Sensitive People


Some people are naturally more sensitive to energy, and daily life can be extremely strenuous and trying for them. How do you know if you are one of these extra-sensitive people?

- You have a hard time being in negative situations.

- You feel overwhelmed in loud, crowded locations.

- You can feel the emotional energy of a location.

- You experience other people's feelings as strongly as your own.

- You feel drained when you spend time with aggressive people.

- You thrive when spending quiet time alone.

- You become physically ill for no apparent reason at times.

You may experience many other symptoms as well, but these are some of the most common.

Having been overly sensitive for my whole life, I learned the hard way that I could not function in the world like most of the people I know.

I am much more deeply affected by outer influences and events than other people are. In particular, loud, aggressive, negative people and situations leave me feeling raw and overstimulated, so much so that it can require days of solitude for me to recover from them.

If you are one of these sensitive people as well, I'm sure I do not have to tell you how overwhelming and draining day to day life can be sometimes! It can often feel as if you are being buffeted constantly on all sides by ferocious winds, knocking you around, making you uncomfortable both physically and emotionally, and leaving you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. You just want to find a safe haven where you can relax and feel calm.

If the above description resonates with you, the techniques I share in this book are going to be extremely helpful for you.

They will enable you to block out a lot of that turbulent energy and create an oasis of serenity in your mind and body, despite any chaos or negativity that may be happening around you.


Creating Energetic Boundaries


Even if you are not an extra-sensitive person, it's still possible to feel overwhelmed and drained by the energy of other people and environments, even if you aren't aware that it's happening at the time.

The spiritual protection techniques in this book are not just for defending yourself against psychic attack, although that important subject is covered as well; but it's more about creating energetic boundaries around yourself, your loved ones, your residence, and even your material possessions.

These boundaries will minimize the impact that other people, their energy, and their intentions have on you.

Before we get into the techniques, let me clarify that the techniques I am going to share with you are fully customizable.

Over the years I have developed methods that work very well for me, but you may decide to do things differently, and that is fine.

For example, you may have your own preferences for crystals, herbs, white light techniques, and more.

My style of teaching is to share what works for me, and encourage my readers to also discover what works best for them. With that in mind, please feel free to adjust and modify these techniques as you see fit and according to your own needs and beliefs.

Thank you for purchasing this book and investing in your own energetic well-being. I wish you and yours bright blessings of love, peace, and joy in all things.


In love and light,

Cerri Wolf

Chapter 1


Preventative Spiritual Protection


One practice that has helped me so much over the years is taking the time to perform spiritual protection techniques before I feel like I might need them.

A lot of people do the opposite, waiting until a crisis, a psychic attack, a bad day, or