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Koko Bear's New Potty

32 pages7 minutes


This delightful read-aloud story for children uses parenting author Vicki Lansky’s lovable unisex character, KoKo Bear, to show that toilet training is only a part of the larger process of growing up. Both boys and girls can identify with young KoKo’s growing ability to learn just how nice dry diapers can be. Told through a fun and pleasurable story, KoKo helps children understand all the issues of potty training—what to expect and what’s expected.

Color illustrations on each page add warmth to the simple story that children can easily understand and convey the family’s happiness with KoKo’s success and their patience with accidents and hesitations.

Every page contains read-aloud text in large type for the child as well as a box containing two or three practical tips in smaller type for the parent. Each tip provides helpful information on how to assess, respond and deal with a toddlers’s predictable behavior during the often long period of time that training can take.

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