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Your Amazing Itty Bitty(R) Little Black Book of Sales

36 pages22 minutes


If You Want To Create Job Security
Learn To Sell
If you want to earn your weight in gold learn to sell.
Anthony Camacho is known as “The Hitman” for having the highest closing ratio and being number one in sales when he worked in corporations. He has now turned his success into a new business as a motivational speaker and sales trainer.
In his first Itty Bitty Book Camacho gives you the 15 Most Critical Steps In Power Selling – the method he teaches in his workshops and seminars.
What his clients say:
“A gifted motivator and teacher.” – Michael Gay, Metro Auto Group

“His systems and techniques are absolutely essential for any sales organization.” - Richard Romero, General Manager, DTLA Motors Group
If you are seeking ways to create job security and unlock your earning potential – order this Itty Bitty Book today.

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