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Your Amazing Itty Bitty(R) Self-Esteem Book

35 pages18 minutes


In this revolutionary Itty BittyTM Book, Jade Elizabeth gives you the power to become who you came here to be. She provides exercises and information to guide you to start loving who you are and stop judging yourself so you can share your unique gifts with the world and experience new levels of joy and happiness.

When you begin to practice the 15 steps that make up the essence of this book you will notice how the world around you changes and see how easy it is to love the person you are becoming.

For example:

•Learn how receiving is just as important as giving.

•Understand how you sabotage yourself so you can change the outcome.

•Create a better understanding of what “doing things perfectly” really means.

If you want to start loving yourself and attracting people who love you too, pick up a copy of this powerful book today and experience the joy and success that come when you invest in self-love.

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