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White Bear's Big Adventure

Length: 28 pages13 minutes


Children like adventures, even chronically ill children who are often hospitalized for extended periods of time. They also need “someone” they can talk to who understands and can be there even when family can’t. This is a story of hope, family, support and kindness. It demonstrates that not only can we depend on the kindness of family and friends but we can also count on the kindness of strangers without being preachy.

White Bear knows his way around hospitals.  He lived in one for a long time before moving in with his best friend Angel. But one day, when Angel was being wheeled into the operating room, White Bear got tangled up in a pile of hospital sheets and ended up where he never expected to be.  Will he find his way back to the Pediatric ICU before his best friend wakes up?

The story is written for children who spend a long time in hospitals and see the hospital as part of their everyday world. In White Bear’s adventure, you will meet a child that, in spite of health adversities and setbacks, has a zest for life and an insight into the world that healthy children of her age rarely have. White Bears Big Adventure will have you will cheering for White Bear's return  while Angel will fill your heart with joy.

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