Fighting Against Gravity

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Fighting Against Gravity

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Length: 303 pages4 hours


"She had an almost psychic premonition that this baby she held in her arms would go through turmoil and heartache on a level she could never understand..."

Growing up was never easy for Londres Leon. He always felt different from the other boys his age.

At the age of 17, he finally figures out why when he meets Andy, a transgender man a few years older and wiser.

As Londres navigates the world with a new realization in mind, things begin to spin out of control as the Leon family takes drastic steps to "save" Londres.

The hypocritical and dangerous Dr. Taylor nearly kills Londres and another patient at a treatment camp in the mountains. It's by sheer luck and whit that Londres and the fellow camper survive to begin a new life together.

Unrequited love, identity crisis, family, and loss are just a few of the themes in this groundbreaking story of one person's fight to find their true self in a world filled with others' expectations.

The surprise end of this story will shock even the most keen reader and have you questioning who YOU are.

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