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The Persephane Pendrake Chronicles-One-The Cimaruta (The Persephane Pendrake. Chronicles, #1)

Length: 337 pages5 hours


Teen witch and wizard

A Magic Quest for 9 Magical Objects

An evil sorceress, who will stop at nothing to beat them and rule the planet.

Push the outer boundaries of your imagination into magic kingdoms where Persy and her close friend Thaddeus  with their familiars –Benson (a very cheeky dragonfly) and P-C (a far from brave dragon) pit magic, bravery, skill and allegiances with a swarm of magical creatures against the tall, dark and malevolent Melanthios.

Follow them as they wind through periods in time, to discover ancient magic from cultures all throughout the history of the world.

Pull up a chair, sit back, and join them in their magic quest as Persy and her friends race against fate and time, to stop Melanthios from her evil plot to collect Nine Magical Objects of power scattered throughout the world to become the –All Powerful One.–

Persy, Thaddeus, Benson and P-C are assisted by a highly adept, scrying gypsy named Vadoma, a vampire with a rather warped sense of humor - Count Pseudomorphius the Sanguine who is known as Murph...for obvious reasons.

Not to be forgotten is the twelve member Magical Governing Council, which Persy's grandmother Laurel is one of the lead members. Each member specializes in a particular area of magic and all have a gift to give our heroes to further enhance their chances against Melanthios.

But is it enough? Melanthios is evil and heartless....and VERY powerful...

Will this ever end? What chance does our team stand? You'll see...

If you loved Harry, Clary and/or Percy, you'll flip over Persephane Pendrake!

"Best new fantasy series books" one reader claims…

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