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Aptavani-13 (U) (In Gujarati)

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The essence of all scriptures, all spiritual discourses and spiritual activities is one and the same and that is to get the ‘awareness and the knowledge of Self’. The ‘main Self’ is shuddha (verily pure), but one has the wrong belief of “who am I”? This wrong belief of I am Chandu (reader should use his name) has given rise to the prakruti (nature and characteristics of a person).
Published in this book are the discussions of Param Pujya Dadashri (master of spiritual science) on various aspects of pragyna, raag-dwesh, like-dislike, veetragta, gyan-agyan, darshan (vision) and such other aspects of the knowledge of the Self.
This book is an eye-opener to the science of prakruti and the Self.

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