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Sherlock Holmes and The Mazlov Knot

64 pages58 minutes


It was a visit by Mycroft Holmes to Baker Street that began a case that threatened to take Sherlock Holmes from us. Mycroft seeks to enlist the help of his brother to investigate the passing of sensitive information from The Bank of England. Holmes agrees and discovers that a senior figure at the bank is being blackmailed by none other than Julia Moriarty.

The case seems resolved but the eminently wicked Julia Moriarty seeks revenge and deaths soon follow. Bodies bound with rope, tied with a peculiar knot, are retrieved from the Thames. Holmes is disturbed by the deaths and appears to fall into a deadly trap set by Moriarty. As a result, a familiar, though lifeless, figure is recovered from the Thames by the River Police. Watson is distraught at the loss of his friend and the Chapel of Rest of undertakers James Spinks in Baker Street forms the backdrop for the final chapter of this explosive story.

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