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Quest for the Golden Apple - Megan Miller

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If you have played Minecraft, then you know all about Minecraft worlds. They’re made of blocks you can mine: coal, dirt, and sand. In the game, you’ll find dungeons and pyramids, skeletons and zombies. You can also find villages inhabited by strange villagers with bald heads. You may think you know these villagers, but you don’t. These villagers call you miners. They call the worlds you mine on miner worlds. That’s because the villagers have their very own special and magical worlds that you have never visited. And between the magical villager worlds and your own miner worlds, they’ve created a protective String of border worlds, all to Stop miners from finding the magical, hidden worlds.

And that’s where this story begins, on the small border world of Xenos, where there is one girl who doesn’t quite fit in with the other villagers …