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Baggywrinkle and the Harlequin Hippo

Length: 398 pages6 hours


Baggywrinkle is PORG. PORG have been living among us for a long, long time. They are small (P.O.R.G. is an acronym for People of Restricted Growth), but can be seen with the naked eye ... if they stay still long enough.
PORG keep out of the way of us humans – or Dawds as they call us – and manage it very successfully. When was the last time you saw one?
Algernon Bertram Baggywrinkle PORG National Navy (Retired) lives in his ideal retirement home, a fully working, antique model of the Cutty Sark, (All retired PORG live in antiques ... if they can manage).
PORG Ring Mistress, Felicity de Maurier – Fliss to her friends – is the owner of The Harlequin Hippo Travelling Circus which has been stranded by rising floodwater. Food for the animals is running low and reluctantly, Baggywrinkle is inveigled into transporting the circus to the winter depot where the food is kept.
They must run the gauntlet of wild animals, humans and natural disaster to reach the depot but George Claud Lockhart, Ringmaster of Le Cirque de Cochon Noir, has other ideas.

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