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Hydraulics and Hydraulic Circuits

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Hydraulics and Hydraulic circuits is a book on Fluid Power. Hydraulics here refer to the oil Hydraulics.Mineral oil is generally used as a medium to generate control and transmit power in Hydraulic machines.These hydraulic machines use different components and accessories. These components and accessories are connected together in a particular manner ( referred as a circuit) and the fluid ( Oil) is pumped into this system. Under a predetermined pressure, the oil transmits the power to activate cylinders or motors ( referred as actuators).

In a simple and clear manner, the book explains the theories and concepts that govern the fluid power. Then, the components and accessories used in the system are explained focussing on their functions and working principles.

Then, step by step process for understanding and building hydraulic circuits is explained for different applications.
The author's experience in manufacturing Hydraulic power packs and hydraulic actuators in his earlier career underscores this publication.

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