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Yaomachtia Man

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Quetzalcoatl "Quetz" Juarez (simply referred to as Quetz in the story) is a 17 year old teen living in modern day Mexico City. He is of American/Mexican/Nahua descent and is looking for his own past through his endless search of the Aztec Mixed Martial Art known as Yaomachtia. Quetz grows as a person throughout the story, as he makes mistakes, corrects them and then learns from each experience.

Set in modern day Mexico City, Quetz embarks on his journey and searches for his dreams with the support of his Uncle Tlaloc, family, and teen friends. He is looking for Yaomachtia, a magic sword and a sacred corn--- and in the book, all three concepts are introduced.

Yaomachtia Man is filled with Action, Adventure, teen Romance, Aztec/Mayan cosmology, UFO's and Martial Arts.

Yaomachtia Man starts and ends with the same dream of a UFO in 16th Century Teotihuacan. In the middle of the book, the dream is fully revealed and this is what ultimately motivates Quetz in the story.

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