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Thank you for choosing this book. Our hope is that it will provide you with enough information on the incredible mint herb and its many uses both inside and outside the home, as well as its very powerful healing properties.

Mint’s original name comes from the Greek minthe and there are estimated to be between 13-18 species of mint. Mint is found across all continents from Europe to Africa and Asia including North America and Australia.

Mint is a very aromatic, mostly perennial herb that grows best on moist soil or wet environments such as near water, rivers, or lakes. In some cases, the mint can spread if left unchecked, as it is a fast growing plant.


Refreshing, sharp and good as a sweetener, mint is recognized for its many uses and its revitalizing effects. In ancient Greece, mint was considered one of the 12 most important herbs. In ancient Roman times, it was recommended that students wear mint garlands to help exhilarate the mind and indeed, mint is linked with a keener mental stimulation. During Medieval times in Europe, mint was used for cleaning many things including teeth. It has also been used through the ages for medicinal and cosmetic purposes, and now science has proven that mint’s varied uses actually have strong bases in fact.

It is quite easy to grow mint. The only thing you need to be careful of is it getting out of control in your garden. It is perfect to grow and can be used as remedies for the whole family or for cosmetic use. You don’t need to have a big garden. In fact, mint can be grown even in small pots if you are short of space. Let’s look at how easy it can be to grow your own mint.

Basic Rules of Growing Mint including Ground Control

As mentioned in the introduction, there are many different species of mint. Peppermint, spearmint, and sweet mint are the most popular, but there is also orange mint and apple mint. It grows very quickly and establishes itself easily but you need to keep an eye on it if growing it in a larger garden, as it can be a bit invasive. So, if you decide to grow mint in your garden, make sure to leave lots of room for expansion. It will send out runners and quickly colonize areas around it. It will