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Demon Eviction - Steven A. Gentry

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Demon Eviction

Story@ copyright by Steven A. Gentry

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The following text is a work of fiction. All the characters, places, organizations, objects, and events portrayed in this novel are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to any actual persons (living or deceased), or, places, objects, organizations, or events are purely coincidental.

Authors Note: For some of you that may be a little confused on some of the details which follow I encourage you to read my other text entitled: Vampires Suicide. It too is available on smashwords.

Special thanks to Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones. You guys definitely contributed to the soundtrack of my life.


Reverend Long exited the church out the side door leading to the parking lot. He was halfway to his car when something out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. He turned in mid stride and proceeded to the steps that led up to the entrance to the sanctuary. The sight that met his eyes perplexed him.

It was as if someone had built a campfire on the steps. Ashes and smoking embers were strewn about. The brick and mortar of the steps was also deeply scorched. For about the first time in his life Reverend Long was at a complete loss for words.

The morning that Gideon Long found the ashes of the vampire on the steps of the church still smoking many things changed. His beliefs in God were greatly strengthened to say the least. He immediately went back inside the church to the custodian’s closet and swept up the ashes that he had found then deposited them into and empty flower vase. He later visited a crematorium and obtained an urn. After he deposited the ashes into the urn he placed it on a bookshelf in his study. There it would always serve as a reminder as to the day when his ministry along with his life had taken a dramatically different turn.

Little did he know that in a relatively short period of time he would encounter still even more bizarre circumstances. His service to the Lord thy God was only beginning.

Demon Eviction

By Steven A. Gentry

It had been several months since the Reverend Gideon Long had encountered then offered salvation through the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to the young lady who claimed to be a vampire. Since that night his ministry had taken on a whole new perspective.

Gideon Long was a man who lived his convictions and now more than ever he saw the need to bring the light of Christ to a dark foreboding world. The congregation to whom he ministered saw it in his sermons as well. Now when he preached he did it with more heartfelt conviction than ever before. Lately his sermons brought more people forward during the invitation (which occurs at the end of the service at Southern Baptist Churches) to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

Furthermore his reputation as a man of God was starting to grow immensely. Already other churches in the region were starting to extend invitations to preach revival sermons to their congregations. His own congregation had recently grown to the point as to where the building could barely house everyone.

As to what had brought about the change in Gideon Long no one could honestly say. Since returning home to his family on that life changing Thursday morning he had not spoken of his encounter with the enigmatic young lady to anyone, not even his wife. He felt that to divulge such information would be a breach of trust to the office of God to which he considered it a privilege to serve.

When people would praise him in regard to the quality of his sermons he would sometimes grow hostile then brush aside all compliments. Instead he would simply respond in a very stern manner: Give the praise to God. It is him I serve.

He even had to preach a sermon on that subject.

In the months that followed his encounter with the vampire Reverend Long began to scrutinize the King James Version of the Holy Bible published in 1611(which to him was God’s textbook) with renewed vigor. After all his hours of intensive study coupled with his recent experiences with the female vampire it really came as no shock when he was approached by a middle aged woman during the invitation at the end of a Sunday evening service when