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Jadi Miliarder dalam 1000 Hari

328 pages5 hours


Becoming a billionaire is a dream of many people. However, not everyone who dreams of becoming a billionaire, really pursue his dream. That is, not all of them seriously chasing his dream to the real work. More that just sunk in a dream without action, moving and sweating, in achieving its goal of becoming a billionaire.

This book is designed to give an idea of ​​how to achieve the goal of becoming a billionaire. Here we describe a gradual with tips that you can immediately practice. Here too we explain the ins and outs of building a business, as one way of achieving the goal as a billionaire.

Being an entrepreneur is one proven way the fastest and most widely used of people achieve the goal of becoming a billionaire. Therefore, this book gives you a detailed explanation of the ins and outs of the world of entrepreneurs and business management to support efforts that will be and are you pioneered. Happy reading.

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